Technical Résumé
Music Résumé

Hi. I'm Nashir! I am a UCLA alumnus with a bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies (with an emphasis in bass performance and jazz composition) and a student at Santa Monica College (SMC) working on my second bachelor's degree in computer science. I am passionate about deconstructing complex problems and finding efficient solutions to them, and particularly enjoy doing so with code.

Currently, I am an intern at NASA's Kennedy Space Center where I am working on stabilizing a flexible inverted pendulum robot (which serves as an analog to launch vehicles) using machine learning. This is my third internship at NASA; during the summer of 2019, I worked on a path planning/trajectory prediction project for GN&C applications, and in the spring of 2019, I worked on software development for the Launch Control System, which will be used to support NASA's Artemis mission launches.

In my free time, I like to play basketball, rock climb, play/listen to music, go hiking/camping/backpacking, play video/board games, and read about space/tech/science/engineering/CS.