The Team

Alex, Ian, Michelle, Nashir, and Patrick met during NASA's National Community College Aerospace Scholars Program, an educational/professional experience designed to give community college students an opportunity to learn about NASA's historical and emergent technological prowess. They participated in a 5 week online class comprised of readings, multimedia, and quizzes discussing the past and present exploration of Mars (the human exploration of Mars in particular), the international space station, how NASA spacecraft and systems are used to study and protect the Earth, the solar system and beyond, as well as aeronautical engineering. The course culminated in a final project related to NASA's "Journey to Mars". Their final projects were varied; Alex designed a rover, Patrick, Michelle, and Nashir wrote essays discussing and analyzing the Evolvable Mars Campaign, and Ian planned a human mission campaign to Mars. As some of the top students in the online course, they were selected for the onsite experience, where they worked on 10-person teams competing under the direction of NASA Engineers & Scientists using the Mindstorms EV3 to build and program a Mars Rover to run autonomously on a mock Martian landscape.

After being selected for the onsite phase of Micro-G NExT, the original members of Quintessence added Jonathan to their team so that he would be able to travel with them to Houston in order to document their experience testing the CLaMP in Johnson Space Center's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

They have been assisted by many people over the course of their team lifespan, but most particularly by their advisors, Frank Guthrie, Massoud Saleh, and Tamra George. They were also assisted by the numerous contributors to their GoFundMe, the California Space Grant Consortium, everyone on the Micro-G NExT staff (including all those affiliated with the onsite test week), and many others.


Alex Miyoshi

Design & 3D Modeling

Alex is currently a Mechatronics Engineering major at Cypress College. He spends time at the Long Beach Marina rowing. He also enjoys tinkering and making robots. Alex produced multiple mechanized prostetic arms for his schools mechatronics projects. He plans to eventually get a doctorate from John Hopkins University in human-machine interface.

Contact: superyoshi@att.net


Patrick Babb

Design & Structural Analysis

Patrick is currently a Mechanical Engineering major at Fullerton College. Once he finishes his lower division courses, he hopes to attend Cal State Fullerton. Aside from spending time on schoolwork, he likes swimming and spends much of his time building RC planes and other electronics. Patrick also enjoys spending time with family, friends and his dog.

Contact: patrickbabbstem@gmail.com


Ian Castorillo

Design & Graphic Artist

Ian is currently an Applied Mathematics major at Cerritos College. He is in his last year at Cerritos and plans to transfer to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in order to pursue a double major in Applied Math and Mechanical Engineering. Ian aspires to be an astronaut, and enjoys thinking about spaceships and lyrics, jotting down whichever comes to mind first.

Contact: iancastorillo@gmail.com


Michelle Yoon

Design & Project Manager

Michelle is currently a Computer Science and Engineering major at Fullerton College. In her free time, she self-studies mobile application development; she hopes to design and develop for smartphones in the future. She attended the Women Who Code Silicon Valley Hackathon 2018 building mobile apps for Android. Michelle got a rubik's cube for Christmas, and plans to solve it under 30 seconds.

Contact: themichelleyoon@gmail.com


Nashir Janmohamed

Design & Programming & Treasurer

Nashir is a current student at Santa Monica College studying Computer Science & Engineering, and is a recent graduate of UCLA with a bachelor in Ethnomusicology with a focus in Jazz Studies. Nashir's interests include programming, robotics, technological innovation, basketball, backpacking, and spending time with friends. In addition to being enrolled fulltime at school, he plays music around the LA area and tutors math and physics.

Contact: nashirj@icloud.com

Jonathan Phan

Jonathan Phan

Media Lead

Jonathan is a student at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Cinema and Television Arts, and a videographer/editor at Unbounded Media. His passion for video stems from his childhood experiments with cameras, and his love for editing was sparked by watching gaming videos on YouTube. He created and submitted edited gaming videos to numerous competitions as a means of getting more experience with editing, and he plans to use his skills both in industry, and on indie film sets.

Contact: jphan.media@gmail.com

Tamra George

Tamra George

NASA Point of Contact & Onsite Advisor

Tamra is a hardware manager for the Extravehicular Activity office at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Along with a few other managers, she helps facilitate all the tools the astronauts use during spacewalks. She works with NASA's great engineers to make sure the tools she is responsible for continue to function and support the goals of any given spacewalk. Additionally, tasks in a spacewalk may require a new tool design, and her job is to manage the startup of that project through use in space. During spacewalks, Tamra sits with a team of engineers in a support room to Mission Control in case any tool fails.

Contact: to be updated...

Professor Saleh

Massoud Saleh

Design Advisor

Massoud is an engineer whose Bachelor is in Civil Engineering, Master in Assistive Technology with focus on Accessibility, and his PHD is in Engineering and Applied Math with a focus on Finite Element Analysis and Structural Topology Optimization. He is a National Science Foundation Alumnus and ANSI standard committee member with experience in public transport for people with impaired mobility.

Contact: msaleh@cypresscollege.edu

Professor Guthrie

Frank Guthrie

Manufacturing/Build Advisor

Frank is an extremely creative artist with fifteen years of experience in both traditional and CGI Design. He specializes in Concept Design for TV, Feature Films, Commercials and Video Games. He has experience with a variety of tools and techniques, including Photoshop, Maya and ZBrush, which he uses for his work on Concept Designs, Digital Maquettes and Animation, among others.

Contact: fguthrie@fullcoll.edu